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Teaching English through Text

Learning language from language

A self-study e-course

for language teachers


Many English teachers create text-based lessons for their students. Sometimes the students want to study current affairs, professional topics and topics that coursebook publishers consider taboo. Teachers also want to provide students with something inclusive or fresh or local. 

This course trains English teachers how to use VersaText, a free online program used for creating texts-based lessons. VersaText is very simple to use simply, but to really make the most of it, learn from the experts.

This course takes English teachers through all of VersaText’s tools and describes how they can be used for creating language learning tasks for good students. 

  • Word cloud: text prediction, word matching, new vocabulary
  • Concordance: key words, collocation, grammar patterns
  • Profiler: text statistics, CEFR level, categorised wordlists

Course activities include notes, videos, quizzes and demos in the e-course and in the free 50-page colour workbook.

The course teaches various approaches to helping students develop their vocabulary and grammar through higher order thinking skills and creative tasks. This is not vocabulary study for dummies.

Check out the curriculum below to see the range of topics and tasks you get to explore.

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