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Talking to lean, learning to talk

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Talking to learn, learning to talk is a book for teachers, trainers, educators and anyone else who is intent on becoming a better communicator. ​ Being able to initiate, lead and engage in fruitful conversation is key to learning in and outside the classroom.

The book is anchored in the belief that schools need to focus on communication skills across all subjects and for all age groups.


  • Foreword by Adrian Underhill
  • Introduction
  • Group dialogue in education
  • How talk affects the group and how the group affects the talk
  • How I see myself, how the group sees me
  • How habits can block dialogue and how dialogue can change habits
  • Facilitating as a leader, facilitating as a group member
  • Activities

About the author

Margit Szesztay is a Hungarian teacher and trainer working in the field of English Language Teaching.

She has been involved in teacher education for the past 30 years. Her professional interests include

learning through discussion, creativity in ELT, the teacher as facilitator, global issues, and building professional communities.

E-book or paperback

From this site, you can download the e-book. If you would like the beautifully printed book delivered to your address, you can order it from Lulu.

You will get a PDF (2MB) file